Esmé Gigi Geniveve Squalor

The city's sixth-most-important financial advisor

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"in", 66 floors, 667 dark avenue, anything fashionable, being "in", being a snob, binoculars, black boots, carmelita spats, chief of police, count olaf, detective dupin, disguises, ersatz elevators, everything fashionable, eye-shaped purse, fire, fires, floor 66, fortunes, fur coat, geraldine julienne, gunther, harppon guns, hat with feathers, hiding children in elevator-shafts, hotel denouement, i love freaks, in catalogs, money, motorcycle helmets, my apartment, octopus costume, penthouses, pinstripe suits, recruiting new members, sapphires, secret passages, sharp pointed heel shoes, silver lipstick, silver sandals, snow scouts, spoiling carmelita, stilletos, suspicious lettuce, the snicket file, throwing people to lions, veil, vfd schism, vilage of fowl devotees, white gloves